We respect your privacy!

When an enquiry is placed through Master Plus Pty Ltd , to ensure the enquiry is processed as efficiently as possible, a number of personal details are requested including your name, delivery address, email address and payment information. Master Plus Pty Ltd  respects each User's privacy and will not sell or disclose any Personal Information to third parties unless:

the information is in the public domain (but not because of a breach of this policy);
disclosure is required by law, legal proceedings or a regulatory body;
it is to Master Plus Pty Ltd 's employees and agents, the User's authorised representatives, Master Plus Pty Ltd 's professional advisers or credit-reporting agencies (with the User's approval);
disclosure is made to a person who is required to know the information for the purpose of fulfilling the purchaser's enquiry provided that the person keeps the information confidential;
it is necessary for Master Plus Pty Ltd  and the Advertiser or User to protect their rights;
it is to improve the products, services, systems and infrastructure offered by Master Plus Pty Ltd ; or
the User acknowledges that Master Plus Pty Ltd  may disclose their Personal Information.

Non-Personal Information may be collated and published for marketing, informational purposes or to improve and develop the Website.

The accuracy of all the information Master Plus Pty Ltd contains about Users is predominately dependent on the information supplied by the User. Users may access or alter their Personal Information from within their Master Plus Pty Ltd account or by contacting www.masterplus.com.au using the contact form on the Contact Us page.

Master Plus Pty Ltd contains links to other websites, all Linked Websites are responsible for their own privacy policies and Users should be aware of their terms and conditions.

In addition to this policy, please review all other Policies and the Terms & Conditions.